Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice
Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Relationships should provide both partners with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, but can often end up in conflict, confusion and hurt feelings. Intimate relationships are often challenged by work and parenting stress, financial difficulty, vocational unhappiness and unresolved childhood/past relationship issues. Partners struggle to find the time to enjoy each other's company.  Ineffective communication habits take root leading to misunderstanding and disillusionment. In some instances, relationships are additionally and painfuly challenged by an affair and/or by addictions.


Dr. LaValle brings over three decades of experience working with couples to help restore a sense of connection and enjoyment in relationships.  Trained in PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimacy Relationship Skills), he provides partners with tools to enhance the quality and effectivesness of communication in which the focus rests on respectful, mutual understanding and collaborative problem-solving.


When a couple has made the decision to end their relationship, Dr. LaValle offers invaluable guidance in navigating the painful separation process.  This guidance includes facilitating the development of a capacity to work as effective co-parents and helping children of all ages through the transitions.


Dr. LaValle also provides communication strategies for parents seeking effective conflict resolution with adolescents/children and for individuals looking to improve relationships in the work place.


Michael LaValle, Ph.D.

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