Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice
Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice


With over three decades of experience, Dr. LaValle offers psychotherapy, meditation training, and life coaching to adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples.  Dr. LaValle is a licenced psychologist and is accredited by the National Register of Health Service Providers.  His areas of specialization include trauma / PTSD recovery, depression and anxiety, life transitions, attachment wounds, relationship conflicts, and meditation training.  He adopts a collaborative approach in his work with clients, seeking to help mobilize their inner resources to accomplish the growth, resolution, and healing they seek.


Dr. LaValle utilizes mindfulness-based interventions and meditation practices extensively in his work with clients. He is certified by the Center for Mindfulness / Oasis Institute at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center where the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course was originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Dr. LaValle offers this 8-week MBSR course three times a year and also provides individual meditation training. He is also Certified by the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion at the University of California San Diego and offers an 8-weeek course in Mindful Self-Compassion throughout the year as well.


Dr. LaValle has  completed the 9-month Certificate Program offered by the Institute of Meditation & Psychotherapy and served as faculty for that program for three years.  Embracing and respecting all religions and traditions, Dr. LaValle also teaches Centering Prayer from the Christian Contemplative tradition.    


Since 2006,  Dr. LaValle has offered DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy) to patients with unresolved childhood issues. Clients engaging in this leading-edge treatment report significant therapeutic gains and healing from a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, addictions, and relationship problems resulting from being "stuck" in childhood.  


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an eight-phase information processing therapy combining psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, experiential, and body-centered therapies, is the most thoroughly researched and effective treatment for single-incident trauma.  Dr. LaValle has used EMDR to successfully bring resolution to rapes/assaults, traumatic injuries, and complicated bereavement.


Dr. LaValle has extensive experience working with adults and children going through the divorce process. He also has guided many clients through the challenges of blending families. He is trained in PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimacy Relationship Skills) techniques to help individuals optimize communication and promote intimacy in their relationships.


Throughout his career, Dr. LaValle has acquired extensive experience working with children.  He served as the Psychologist Consultant for Christ the King Catholic School for 14 years.  He worked for six years at a United Way affiliate where he provided out-patient counseling services for children, adults, families, and couples.  At this agency, Dr. LaValle also worked with various aspects of the adoption process. Dr. LaValle is well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder and has extensive experience helping children and adults with learning differences.


Dr. LaValle also is certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and uses hypnosis to assist individuals with test and performance anxiety, smoking cessation, and pain management.


He has belonged to a number of professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology,  the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and the EMDR International Association.  Dr LaValle has also served on the Board of Directors for Mental Health America Dallas.




Michael LaValle, Ph.D.

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