Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice
Michael LaValle, Ph.D. Psychotherapy * Life Coaching * Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Individual Psychotherapy

As the name suggests, individual therapy is all about the patient as an individual. Therapy sessions typically last about an hour and the frequency of appointments will depend on your specific course of therapy. Dr. LaValle provides a warm, safe and comfortable setting where you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion. You will be supported to work through issues at your own pace, but you also will be engaged and challenged.


People seek professional help from Dr. LaValle for various reasons, including life transitions, grief and loss, personal growth, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, and trauma.  He has been trained in a number of therapy models including: mindfulness approaches in psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, existential-humanistic, Jungian, hypnotherapy, and psychodynamic. He also has been trained in EMDR and DNMS which are described in detail on this website. Dr. LaValle has also has been strongly influenced by the Positive Psychology movement which seeks to identify talent and resources to make everyday life more fulfilling.


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