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Parents and other caregivers have an enormous influence on the development of a child’s brain. When those figures provide attentive care, a child’s neural pathways develop positively and the child learns to regulate emotions. When a child’s needs go consistently unmet, however, effective pathways cannot form, compromising a child’s sense of security and the ability to actualize their potential. DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategies) aims to complete the establishment of functional neural pathways in adults who experienced unmet needs as children. The therapy can also be adapted to facilitate healing from relationship trauma experienced as adults. 

A core premise of DNMS is that children develop stable, internal strengths from the positive interactions they experience with adult caregivers. These aspects of the personality develop without conflict and allow the maturing process toward adulthood to proceed optimally. However, aspects of the personality that are formed by wounding experiences result in inner conflict, self-doubt, and problematic relationships. These “stuck” parts of self are disconnected from the individual’s positive inner resources; they were “left behind” in the developmental process. 

DNMS is a therapy of healing and integration, facilitating the connection of the wounded parts of self stuck in the past with the positive, resourceful capacities of the individual. As this integration occurs, new and effective neural pathways are formed and individuals report relief from unwanted behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. DNMS is a safe, experiential therapy that does not involve a re-living of past trauma. DNMS is a therapeutic modality that moves beyond intellectual understanding and insight to healing. Clients and patients who have tried various approaches to treatment often find that DNMS helps them finally attain their long-desired relief and sense of well-being.


Dr. LaValle has been trained in this modality by its originator, Shirley Jean Schmidt, MA, LPC.


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